Insurance Assessment

  • Speed up accurate claims settlement inspections.
  • Implement safe and accurate damage assessments.
  • Conduct safe and fast roof inspections.
  • Expedite accurate measurements for claims adjustments and underwriting.

Insurance assessments are faster and accurate with the help of drone video and image technology. Get your roof inspections, claims adjustments and underwriting, or damage assessment expedited fast.

Through drone technology, you can collect high-resolution residential and commercial videos and images. Convert these into 2D or 3D models and maps. Make precise calculations through images so powerful and detailed that you can detect a single granule or defect.

Infrastructure and Construction Services

  • Make precise estimates on material requirements.
  • Accurately track the progress of your construction projects.
  • Reduce wastage.
  • Keep your crew safe.

In many ways, the commercial use of drones came about because of the unique needs of the construction industry. Construction projects are big investments. For many – if not all – these projects produce a great amount of waste: unused resources and overestimation of manpower allotment, among others.

With drone technology, you can collect data faster than human surveyors and cheaper than manned flights. You can accurately track your team’s progress. Use precise data for topographical maps, 3D models and volumetric measurements. Use drones for a more efficient and faster infrastructure project.

New Home/ Building Assessment

  • Get precise data on your building’s elevation and contour lines.
  • Conduct site progress surveys efficiently.
  • Improve productivity through aerial data.

Ensure the efficient progress of your new home or building. Drone technology allows you to take high resolution aerial images for accurate maps and models, as well as volumetric data.

Capture the accurate progress of your building project. This gives you precise information for acquiring resources, allotting manpower, budgeting and scheduling.

Land Survey Services

  • Reduce the time it takes for accurate land surveys.
  • Use geo-referenced data to accurately map your property.
  • Increase the work safety of your team.

Reduce the time it takes to survey your property while increasing the safety of your work crew. Drone technology has cut down weeks off the typical time it takes to gather property data. You get accurate geo-referenced aerial images in one short flight.

Keep your crew on the ground, analysing millions of information for accurate assessment, You save on costs too. Manned choppers are expensive, and you have to go out several times. Drones can do more, for less.

Aerial Film & Photography For Any Business Type

  • Get your project off the ground.
  • Explore possibilities as big as the sky.

Let your ideas take flight. We help you explore the possibilities that the skies offer. Whether it’s creative or practical, we make your vision into reality through the vast capabilities of drone technology.

Talk to us today about what you want to do. We work with you in exploring possibilities and making them real.

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