What is Drone Flight Film and Photography?

Drone FFP is a single proprietorship based in Sydney, NSW. Drone FFP offers drone technology services, such as land surveys, insurance assessment and other aerial film and photography services.

Who heads Drone FFP?

David Sloan is the owner and creative vision behind Drone FFP. He is duly licensed and insured by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

What safety measures are in place?

Safety always comes first for Drone FFP. We would never operate where there are risks involved. Proper warning is employed prior to any filming.

Are there limits to where drones can fly?

Drones are forbidden from flying higher than 400 feet. Likewise, for security purposes, it cannot go into controlled airspace.

How much work can be done in a day?

The amount of work and coverage that we can do depends on the weather and topography of the location. Your resolution requirements will also affect the required time to finish a job.

What output formats do you supply?

You get videos and photos as high-resolution images and video files. We also supply photos and photogrammetry in CAD and GIS formats.

What is the best weather for drone videos and photos?

High cloud and still weather are best. While we can go out when there is some rain and wind, there are risks involved and output quality may be compromised.

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