We Operate Inspire DJI Pro

About our DJI Inspire Pro Drones

Drone Flight Film and Photography uses top-of-the-line drone technology. We currently use DJI Inspire 1 Pro drones. These are sturdy, built-for-flight quadcopters that capture high-resolution videos and images.

Our drones use the Zenmuse x5 and x3 cameras, with integrated gimbal. This allows for minimal space use while maximising stability and output quality.

4K video recording and image capture

360-degree camera rotation

Superior operating range

Excellent speed and manoeuvrability

Light-weight and durable carbon fibre build

Separate flight and camera control for second remote

We film with Zenimuse X5

Advantages of Drone Technology

Environment Friendly

Save on fuel. Create less disturbance on the surrounding flora and fauna. You can do this through drone’s aerial video and imaging capabilities. Capturing the perfect accurate shots need not sacrifice on fuel-efficiency, speedy implementation and your budget.

Set-up Time

Get ready within minutes. Manned copter takes a lot of setting up, while getting the job done at a slower pace. Drone technology makes it possible to get up and going within 15 minutes. Accomplish land surveys that used to take up weeks at a time in just a few days. Drones are efficient and come with a great level of accuracy.

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Fly and and film almost anywhere. Drones can take photos and videos indoors and outdoors. With it’s 360-degree view, you can take seamless shots of the landscape. Manoeuvre through almost anything. Drone gives you the best views and the best surveying options.

Minimal Noise

Keep your noise pollution to a minimum with drone technology. Manned copters create a great amount of disturbance, even from miles away. Drones take flight through brush-less motors that make very little noise.

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