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Our drone fleet

Drone Flight Film and Photography uses top-of-the-line drone technology. We currently use DJI Inspire 1 Pro drones. These are sturdy, built-for-flight quadcopters that capture high-resolution videos and images.

Our drones use the Zenmuse x5 and x3 cameras, with integrated gimbal. This allows for minimal space use while maximising stability and output quality.

About our DJI Inspire 1 Pro Drones

  • 4K video recording and image capture
  • 360-degree camera rotation
  • Superior operating range
  • Excellent speed and manoeuvrability
  • Light-weight and durable carbon fibre build
  • Separate flight and camera control for second remote

When the sky’s the limit, there are no limits.
Drone Flight Film and Photography.

At Drone Flight Film and Photography (Drone FFP), technology, accuracy and efficiency meet to provide you with reliable geospatial data and analysis solutions.

Drone FFP provides you with personalised drone solutions services. It is a creative close-knit operation borne from the passion of David Sloan, Drone FFP's owner and operator. A photo and film enthusiasts, the development of drone technology literally gave him wings to explore creative and practical applications of his craft.

The Drone FFP team is made up of fully licensed and insured Remote Pilot License (RePL) and RPA operators by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. They have the expertise, experience and passion to get the best job done for your creative and practical drone services requirements.

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Our Drone Fleet

Drone FFP uses the latest state-of-the-art drone fleet. We use DJI Inspire 1 Pro units with Zenmuse X5 and Zenmuse X3 Gimbal cameras.

The Inspire 1 Pro is an advanced quadcopter for amazing 4K video capture and transmission. It is capable of unobstructed 360 degree camera view. Its integrated gimbal maximises stability and efficiency.

The Advantages of Drone

Drone aerial video and photography has several advantages. It is a safe and efficient way to make geo-spatial assessments. It is cheaper too compared to manned copter alternatives. Know more about drone technology.

Drone FFP provides you with creative and practical drone video and photography solutions.

Insurance Assessment

Make precise insurance assessments through drone technology. Inspection is quick, safe and accurate. High-resolution imagery helps claims adjustors give precise calculations to quantify damages for claims adjustment and underwriting.

Infrastructure and Construction Services

Track your site’s progress accurately. Reduce waste and potential issues. Collect and assess data using the power of drone technology.

New Home/ Building Assessment

Track and manage your site’s progress accurately through drone technology. Capture high-resolution images to create 2D and 3D models, and topographic maps. Measure exactly the resources, time and manpower you need.

Land Survey Services

Reduce the time it takes to collect accurate land survey data, while assuring the safety of your staff. Leverage the accuracy and simplicity of drone technology to get the job done right.

Aerial Video & Photography Services for any Business Type

Explore the possibilities of drone technology. There are several practical and creative uses that you can take advantage of to set your business apart.

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